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United Nation of Human and Earth






The people of ae have the legal and natural legal entities only in temporary use, reject the fictitious person basically as a mask of man. They accept the legal tool person only as a transitional rule. In the new age, it will not be a benchmark for shaping her life. We should all deal intensively with the implementation of this future, because in a remaining legal world for humanity and thus the entire humanity, there is no possibility of survival. ae means humanity or cooperation of rights holders. It is intended to serve as a legal form between the rights holders of the Earth. She is a consensual agreement between holders of all legal rights, such as all universal and non-positive rights, which are given to the right holder by their origin in the womb and thus by creation itself. The rights holders have agreed with their free will to organize themselves cooperatively and community-oriented within a jointly decided order, as within a fixed area and with the determination of the descent and hereditary background to previous generations, as for the attainment of a peaceful existence between them, which serves the promotion of the evolutionary development of all inhabitants of the earth.







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